Possible USE CASES

  • Which car to purchase
  • Which candidate to hire
  • Find a favorite restaurant
  • Which house to purchase
  • Which remedy works best
  • Best time for the party
  • Which service provider to use
  • Where to go on vacation
  • Which is the best investment
  • Best workout plan
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Create an evaluation on ANYTHING. Who makes the best pizza in town? Which car should I purchase? What food is best for my cat? Which candidate is best for the job?

Add criteria that is important to you and your decision. What is the MPG? Is the cheese greesy? Will the candidate mesh with the company culture? What is the cost?

Evaluinator can help you with all of your most important decisions. Let Evaluinator remember the details, you supply the opinions. Designed to be fast and simple.

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Use the power of Evaluinator to help you make critical decisions based on what's important to you.

Why use Evaluinator?

Why would someone use Evaluinator? After all, there are plenty of other review sites out there (Amazon, epinions, etc.). Well let's take the example of someone purchasing a new car. Would that person simply purchase the car that received the best review from Car and Driver? No. You're going to sit in the car, take it for a test drive, get a sales quote from the sales person. What if the seats are terribly uncomfortable to you? Would you still buy it because Car and Driver gave it the 'Car of the Year' award? The good reviews the car received may provide you reason to look at the car but ultimately the decision to buy the car is based on factors and criteria that are important to you.

Evaluinator can help in many ways

How do we know Evaluinator can help? Because we use it all the time to answer anything and everything. What city do I want to move to? Which hair gel is best for my hair? Which Pizza place has the best pizza? Which truck should I buy? Which food is best for my pet?

Part of the inspiration of Evaluinator was that I kept forgetting which products I didn't like and which I did like. After Evaluinator was finished, I was able to look at an evaluation and remember why I did or did not like a particular product. It was easy, and that's why I'm bringing Evaluinator to everyone.

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